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City Arc Group

Coded Welding Services and Fabrication

Since 2016, City Arc Group provides a huge variety of services for businesses across the UK. Pressure vessel defect repairs, pipework, plant installations, full and partial industrial boiler furnaces, heat exchanger repairs and more, you can rely on our experts.

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About Us

Since 2016, City Arc Group operates within ISO 9001:2015 requirements, works to ASME IX Coded Welding Standards and has achieved full compliance with BS/EN 1090-1 Structural Steel CE Marking - demonstrating our ability to consistently deliver high-quality products conforming to customer demands and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. This endorses our commitment to the quality of our work, products, systems, procedures and service.

Peace of Mind

You can rely on City Arc Group to supply services precisely to your requirements, fabricated by our experts to the highest standard and fully tested. 

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Coded Welding

BS EN 150 9609-2: 2004

BS EN 150 9606-1: 2013

We are able to provide coded welding from a thickness of 0.5mm up to 2 Inches. Because of the quality of workmanship that most of our clients expect, we have refined our technique and can work to very tight tolerances. Additionally, most of our work requires very little post weld cleaning.

Welding Fabrication

The Company can weld stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium components and metal fabrication on-site, with MIG welding and TIG welding facilities and a comprehensive metal dressing service. The facilities are particularly suited to light and medium fabrications in mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

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Contact Us

5 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4YD

+44 (0) 7841 538 456

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